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Privacy /Data Collection Policy:

Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel

Exotic Dreams Resort Hotel does not sell or trade your private information to third parties(s), partners, or affiliates at any time. EDR Hotel 'collects' a certain limited amount of your personal information but only when it is needed to successfully manage the hotel. We are required by law for medical and liability reasons to know the legal identity/s and age of who is using, visiting or staying at the resort at all times. The resort 'collects' (but does not sell or trade) your credit card information for the sole purpose of conducting payment transactions on your behalf to successfully manage payments and credits for your room reservations when you book a stay or an event at the hotel. We share your name and email address with approved and authorized 3rd party partners or affiliates whose paid and legal responsibility is to accurately (digital/electronically) distribute and disseminate news, services, product information and promotional opportunities to communicate with EDR Hotels paid member subscribers or other parties that indicate their interest to receive them.   


You may choose to (Opt-in or Opt-out) from data sharing with the resort at any time by clicking on the 'Submit' button to set or change your data sharing preferences. Please keep in mind though that if you Opt-out of communicating and data sharing with the resort, you may not be able contact us and we may not be able to reach you.   

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